Juanito “June” B. Luna, is a self-made Filipino entrepreneur whose rich life experiences are for other people’s taking and learning. As a “life-sharer” June has authored two books and has conducted hundred of talks across the Philippines. June is a father, a traveler, a meditator and a self-transformer in the physical and spiritual aspects of life.

Born in Santa Cruz Manila in 1953, June was given up for adoption. He grew up with three different sets of parents who provided him with different sets of values, beliefs and attitudes. These experiences inspired him to help fellow parents attain a new perspective on raising their children through a seminar he called “Child-ing the Parent, Parenting the Child“.

For many years, life was difficult and immensely challenging for June. He grew up angry towards the world until a deeper understanding of his own spirituality led him to create a personal program better manage his own anger. Today he happily teaches Anger Management to groups and communities to help people shift their consciousness towards themselves, their circumstances and the people around them.

As a child June was a victim of sexual abuse. Undeterred in his aim to use his own life experiences to make a difference in others, his insights on even such difficult topics led him to develop “Sexuality: Sex & Spirituality", a program about relationships, sex and lust, rising and falling in love.

HoliPolitics is a culmination of all of June’s learnings, borne out of deep love for the Filipino. It is his aim to provide a new spiritual perspective which anyone can use freely in governing their barangay, municipality, city and even the nation.

A disqualified Presidential Candidate in the 2016 Elections, June believes it is the right time to make a genuine and holistic change in our government.

June invites you to take part by reading about HoliPolitics here, having conversations with your family and in your communities, using any point you find here to also make a change.

Transformation is inevitable, it will happen. And we can be part of the wave of positive energy that is making things happen.