The term “Holi-Politics" is not a new concept. It is an old but forgotten practice of politics, including ancient ideas of governance.

It aims to make both leaders and subjects realize their true selves, as spiritual being. Thus Holipolitics is greatly anchored on spirituality.

This old, forgotten system of public service takes into full consideration, and in strict order of priority, the psycho-spiritual, socio-physical, and economic aspects of political leadership and governance.

In Holipolitics, governance is for and by the people, not through and from the people, not “for me” or for my benefit as governance is being practiced today, giving a new but distorted and degraded definition of public service.

One can truly say that is beyond policies, beyond engagement of different sectors of society, beyond political parties. Holipolitics is truly a holistic approach to governance.

HoliPolitics elevates governance towards spirituality - with a recognition that each of us is a human “being” with innate qualities and goodness. HoliPolitics makes use of the goodness of each one for the benefit of the country.

The spirituality espoused by HoliPoltics is anchored on purity - if our thoughts are clean, pure and benevolent - devoid of vested interests - then our words, actions, relationships and connections will also be clean, pure and benevolent. Everyone benefits under this simple principle.

HoliPolitics believes that graft and corruption can be transformed when each one has a better understanding of the basic philosophy of karma, or as the Bible puts it - the law of sow and reap.